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Sassy Surf Club
Learning Looking for surfing buddies? Want a chance to surf with some women sometimes? Well, contact us, we're always looking for more S. Florida surfing women to get together and have fun with.

Many of you are probably aware that there has been an explosive growth in women's surfing over the last several years. Around here it is rare to see many women out surfing a local break. Many of us have learned to surf and continue to surf by themselves or with boyfriends. Let's face it, although we love them, they aren't always the best surf buddies for us.

For those of you who surf on a regular basis, you know what a mystical and exciting experience surfing can be. Sometimes the only thing better than catching a wave on a warm, summer day is watching your friend catch one right after you as you paddle back out to the line up! It's also nice to have someone to talk with while you're waiting in-between sets. By creating the Sassy Surf Club, we want a club that:

  • brings women and girls together to surf(men are welcome too, but you're not our focus!)
  • helps each other learn and grow by developing our surfing skills
  • contributes to the community
  • and has fun!
Click here for more info on our next meeting.
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